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About Us

The Residence Halls Association is a student-run organization that operates under Residential Life and Housing Services at UCR.

RHA works closely with both of these departments to ensure that the greater needs and desires of the residents are heard and communicated. We are the voice of the residents and work in many areas to fulfill that responsibility. Our goal is to make the residents' stay here comfortable, fun, and memorable as possible.

Most members describe RHA as the student government within the Residence Halls. If you are living in on-campus student housing, then you are an eligible member of RHA. Each residence hall at UCR, as well as Glen Mor apartments, is represented by an RHA building president, an elected position chosen by students like you. There are also four chair positions for each building; Chair of Programming, Chair of Facilities, Chair of Publicity, and Chair of Diversity and Inclusion. These positions are elected by your building's senators, and anyone can become a senator for the building they live in!

Joining RHA is easy. All you have to do to join RHA is go to an RHA council meeting, which occurs once a week in your residence hall. Just click on the Residence Halls tab to find out when your RHA council meetings are in your residence hall. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

- RHA Executive Cabinet

​Frequently Asked Questions:

  • ​How do I join RHA?

    • Students who live in one of the residence halls are eligible to become a part of RHA! To join, you must attend a council meeting, which occurs once a week, in your residence hall 2+ times. Just click on the communities tab to find out when the next council meetings in your residence hall. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting

  • Who is Norm?

    • Born in 2007, Norm is the official mascot for Residential Life. He loves dancing, community building, hugs, pictures, and smiles. Within the halls, Norm attends formal events and special programs alongside his fellow residents! His Navel heritage extends to the original citrus tree that brought navel oranges to the region. He doesn’t like to brag, but his grandfather is the orange that is immortalized across from the Humanities & Social Sciences Building

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